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        1、信號電源解決方案   Solutions for signal power supply

        (1)信號電源系統-普鐵解決方案 Signal power supply system    


        【方案介紹  Solution introduction】


        After "Y" type switching, two lines electricity input outputs one line electricity. Through DSP digital control technology, paralleling of AC modules, all modules load sharing and zero interruption of modules switching are realized, and the reliability and availability of the signal power system are greatly improved.


        Line-level centralized monitoring and municipal-level centralized monitoring; providing customers with multiple choices.

        (2)信號電源系統-客專解決方案   Signal power supply system-Passenger dedicated line solution


        【方案介紹  Solution introduction】


        Dual-UPS paralleling system; according to the needs of different sites, configure storage battery packs with different backup time. Line-level centralized monitoring and municipal-level centralized monitoring; providing customers with multiple choices.

        (3)信號電源系統-地鐵、城軌解決方案 Signal power supply system-subway and urban rail transit solution


        【方案介紹  Solution introduction】


        Single UPS; according to the needs of different sites, configure storage battery packs with different backup time. 

        (4)信號電源系統-雙UPS雙母線解決方案   Signal power supply system-dual-UPS dual-bus solution


        【方案介紹  Solution introduction】


        Our company can provide the following two kinds of dual-bus solutions:


        Dual-AC UPS configuring outputdual-bus solution. This solution currently has higher reliability in the industry.


        Dual-HVDC power module configuring outputdual-bus solution (i.e. integrated uninterruptible power supply system solution);this system simplifies system transformation level and also avoids the problem that batteries could not work properly due to the damage of AC UPS rectifier.

        2、電力操作電源系統方案  Solution for electric operation power supply system


        【方案介紹  Solution introduction】

        AC I路和AC II路采用一主一備的運行方式,一路異常時,另一路自動投入運行(也可手動切換)。充電模塊進行AC/DC整流后的DC電源一方面給電池充電,另一方面給負載供電。直流輸出異常時,由蓄電池為負載供電。

        AC line I and AC line II respectively are master and standby operating circuits; when one is abnormal, the other one will be automatically put into operation (also they can be manually switched). After AC/DC rectification of charging module, DC power supply will, on one hand, charge battery; one the other hand, it will provide power for load. When DC output is abnormal, the battery will supply power to the load.

        【蓄電池在線均衡管理方案   Online balanced management of batteries】


        Through battery automatic on-line balancing, detection and charging and discharging management can be made on line for each battery; through the advanced battery management technology (a battery management technology through combining hardware with software), each battery cell in the whole battery pack can work in good condition and the whole pack of batteries have better consistency, so that the service life of the batteries are greatly extended (up to 7-8 years).

        【全遠動系統方案  Full telecontrol system solution】



        All incoming and outgoing switches of AC and DC screens can realize on-off control for site switches in the remote control center; it is required to increase control unit and local actuator, which are very necessary for sites needing unattended operation. 

        3.屏蔽門電源系統方案 Solution for platform screen door power supply system


        The platform screen door power supply system is mainly divided into driving power supply and control power supply; where, the driving power supply mainly provide electricity for DCU and door mechanism; the control power supply mainly provide electricity for PSC, control circuit, safety circuit and  other control signals.



                                                                                         Driving power supply


                                                                                            Control power supply

        【方案介紹 Solution introduction】

        驅動電源和控制電源各采用一組電池作為后備;驅動電源由驅動模塊、充電模塊、監控系統和電池組成;控制電源由UPS、24DCV整流模塊和電池組成。驅動電源充電模塊(N+1)對電池充電,驅動模塊(N+1)提供驅動輸出,驅動模塊與充電模塊之間采用二極管隔離,保證電池充電穩定。 控制電源整流模塊(N+1)提供24VDC及24VDC可調輸出,同時由UPS輸出端提供220VAC輸出。 交流停電時兩組電池分別對驅動部分和控制部分供電,保障系統供電正常。

        The driving power supply and control power supply respectively adopt a battery pack as backup battery pack; the driving power is composed of driving module, charging module, monitoring system and battery; the control power is composed of UPS, 24DCV rectifier module and battery. The driving power supply charging module (N + 1) is used for charging the battery and its driving module (N+1) is used for providing drive output. Diode is used for isolation between the driving module and the charging module to ensure stable battery charging. Control power rectifier module (N + 1) is used to provide 24VDC and 24VDC adjustable output and the UPS output end is used to provide 220VAC output. In case of AC power failure, the two battery packs will respectively supply power for the driving part and control part to ensure the normal power supply of the system.

        4、通信電源解決方案 Solution for communication power supply 


        【方案介紹  Solution introduction】


        The two lines AC power supply is provided by power supply specialty; the power distribution cabinet directly distributes the AC power supply to the AC load and provides the high-frequency switch power supply with one line AC power supply; the high-frequency switch power supply allocates a battery pack with a certain capacity according to the requirements of the DC load backup time.

        【方案應用  Solution application】


        The electric power supply, signal power supply and telecom power supply developed by Dinghan Technology have fully covered the 18 railway bureaus across the country, leading the way in the rail transit signal power supply industry.

        5、地鐵、城軌集中監控解決方案  subway and urban rail transit centralized monitoring solution

        【方案介紹  Solution introduction】


        According to the needs of users, different levels of monitoring schemes shall be worked out; in the control center and important monitoring sites of each subway line, line-level or city-level centralized monitoring systems shall be configured, to effectively improve the monitoring and management efficiency of the operation state of the signal power system in the control line, conduct centralized processing on failure problems to reduce management costs and improve equipment maintenance and management level.

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